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Manufacturing Operations

Our manufacturing plant produces the industries highest quality tanks using state-of-art equipment and design. What ever your particular needs, the Weld-It Company has a tank and/or system design and size to fit the job at hand. Let our expert staff assist you in formulating the right equipment and design for your specific needs.

We offer a full array of tank sizes and designs including:

  • Truck Tanks (Transports and Pumpers)

  • Full Pull Trailer Tanks (Transports and Pumpers)

  • Semi Trailer Tanks (Transports and Pumpers)

  • Aircraft Refuelers

  • Hydrant Carts

  • Calibration Units

  • ProfitMaster (Portable Refueling Systems)

  • Bulk Oil Tank Pumping Systems

  • Bulk Oil Flatbed Pumping Systems

All new construction is held to and exceeds requirements 4 set-forth in D.O.1 406.

Weld-It Company is registered with the U.S. D.O.T. - CT #0844. We are a fully accredited facility and carry an A.S.M.E. U stamp certificate 26245.

A Small Sample of Our Work

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